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Lower Body Lift

Aging, dramatic weight loss, pregnancy, and numerous other factors can lead to sagging skin tissues that hang over your lower body. The appearance of sagging skin can cause self-consciousness and low self-esteem. But thanks to modern aesthetic surgery, we can remove excess skin and improve the contours of your body with a lower body lift in Houston.

The Erickson Difference

Dr. Cameron Erickson is a highly-acclaimed aesthetic surgeon specializing in cutting-edge body contouring procedures. A lower body lift is a highly personalized procedure because it involves trimming away excess skin from the lower back, lower abdomen, upper thighs, and the regions around the genitals. Since you are unique, Dr. Erickson offers unique treatments that ensure natural-looking results that conform to your anatomy and goals and leave minimal scars.

woman after lower body lift in Houston

What is a Lower Body Lift?

A lower body lift is a cosmetic surgery that improves the appearance of the buttocks, thighs, and lower abdomen. Patients often choose to undergo a lower body lift after losing a significant amount of weight, as it can remove excess skin and improve the overall shape of the body. The surgery can also correct sagging skin, cellulite, and stretch marks. Lower body lift is often combined with panniculectomy to remove excess skin hanging over the genitals.

Dr. Erickson’s Lower Body Lift Technique

Dr. Erickson performs a highly personalized lower body lift in Houston using cutting-edge surgical techniques. During your consultation, he will discuss your goals and concerns and assess your candidacy for the procedure. He will also examine your lower body and measure the degree of skin laxity. Once it’s determined that you are a good candidate, he will curate a personalized surgical plan and walk you through every step of the process so you know what to expect.

On the day of surgery, you will be given general anesthesia and placed under sedation. The surgeon will make incisions in strategic locations around the lower body to access underlying tissues. The incisions are hidden in natural creases and folds, so they are not visible when you are clothed. Through these incisions, your surgeon will tighten and sculpt the underlying tissues and remove excess skin. The incisions will then be closed with stitches or staples.

After the surgery, you will be wrapped in a compression garment to minimize swelling and support your new body shape. The entire procedure concludes within 3 to 5 hours, depending on your specific condition and treatment plan.

Goals of a Lower Body Lift:

  • Removing excess skin tissues around the abdomen, back, and thighs
  • Removing excess fat deposits from the lower body
  • Improving the firmness and youthful appearance of the buttocks and thighs
  • Removing excess skin hanging over the genitals
  • Correcting cellulite and stretch marks in the lower abdomen and upper thighs
  • Improving overall contours of the body

Recovery After a Lower Body Lift

Most people experience bruising and swelling after a lower body lift, which can last for several weeks. Recovery times vary from person to person but are typically around two to four weeks. It’s important to keep the incisions clean and dry and avoid excessive sun exposure. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medications and antibiotics to help with recovery. You will also need to wear a compression garment for several weeks to reduce swelling and support healing.

Consult Dr. Erickson

Dr. Cameron Erickson is a highly-acclaimed and reputable plastic surgeon specializing in body contouring. He has performed hundreds of successful body contouring procedures with stellar results that look completely natural. He also ensures his patients feel supported throughout the recovery process and have a direct line of communication with him — you’ll receive his personal number during your recovery. Please schedule a consultation to explore your options for a lower body lift in Houston.​​

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